Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Strengths!

We thought it would be neat to share our strengths to see how we work together. Here is what I have so far (as I receive more results, I will edit this post).

Michelle: Harmony, Discipline, Relator, Responsibility, Consistency

Andrea: Adaptability, Strategic, Empathy, Includer, Input

Ruth: Belief, Input, Restorative, Positivity, Developer

Janna: Achiever, Maximizer, Activator, Responsibility, Significance

Tamara: Empathy, Adaptability, Relator, Harmony, Responsibility

Melanie: Responsibility, Consistency, Analytical, Strategic, Discipline

(Picture #1 is from our June 2009 meeting. Picture #2 is from our November 2009 meeting)

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